MDR Brands is a privately owned company that cares about the family. From every day household items, to the special treat for a celebration, MDR Brands manufactures, imports and distributes food, confectionary, household and health & beauty products, and relies on exceptional customer service to offer over 400 products under leading brands across North America.

MDR Brands is proud to also be a Canadian manufacturer of salty snack food items, under our own brands and for private label.


With over 40 years of experience in the food industry, the MDR Brands team believes in making choices based on what our own families would love. Our product development team takes deep care in discovering the high quality items that the rest of the world is already acquainted with. Our suppliers are handpicked and selected based on strict criteria: product quality, compliance with standards, and traceability.

Looking to get a hold of our team?

MDR Brands is always here to carefully listen to our customers.

Give us a call at 1-800-363-8209,
or write us at info@mdrbrands.com

Our Retailers

Dedicated to providing quality products at a value price, you can find over 400 of our products at over 3500 retailers.