Better for you organic salty snacks!

A delicious line of Organic Salty snacks are proudly manufactured in Canada!
The History of our Snacks traces back to our Grandpa Frankie! He taught us to do things the only way he knew how – the right way! And it’s his do-it-right attitude that lives on in our snacks today! Snacks that are bursting with all the goodness of real natural ingredients. Snacks with that real flavor you just can’t get enough of.
Because at Frankie’s organic is not just a label, it’s a way of life.
Try our original sprouted puffs – made with Quinoa and brown rice!
For our cheesy lovers try our 100% baked Plant-based puffs.
Craving something salty & Sweet? Our Sweet Potato Fries Churro will satisfy both!